We have a fleet of 18 buses which is owned by the school itself. The transport facility is optional. The safety of our students is at our prime priority and the school is strict at following the rules. We have one first Aid Box and Fire-Extinguisher in every bus. We do not compromise with child safety. Our all Drivers and Conductors have taken the training from Eicher, Maruti and Tata company.

Our Transport Facility

1. Maninagar

2. Narol

3. Vastral

4. Hatkeshwar & Khokhra

5. Gor Na Kuva & Jashoda Nagar

6. Shivranjani & Nehrunagar

7. Bapunagar & Naroda

8. Aslali & Hathijan

9. Barejadi

10. Mehmedabad & Nadiad

Students can avail school transport facility, subject to the availability of seats. The school does not entertain request of any change in the bus route to suit the individual’s convenience. Change of bus stop for day of week is not entertained. Bus facility is not mandatory.

1. Students are expected to be on the right side of the bus stops at least five minutes prior to the arrival of the bus.

2. The buses will not wait for late comers.

3. The children should stay away from the main road unil the bus arrives.

4. No student should come near the entry door of the bus unless it has made a complete stop.

5. The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stop only. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience of all.

6. When the bus is in motion students must not move around in the bus, they should not have any part of their body out of the bus.

7. Objects of any kind must not be discarded or thrown out of the bus.

8. Srieking, shouting, unruly behavior is strictly prohibited. Courteous behavior is expected at all times.

9. The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason.

10. The bus staff, students and bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in buses. Any serious offence will be reported to the Principal.

11. Every bus will have a teacher-in-charge responsible for taking attendence in the morning and afternoon.

12. The parents/guardians are responsible to drop/collect the ward at the specified bus stop fixed by the school at the given time, failing which; the ward would haave to be dropped/picked-up from the school by the parent/guardians.

13. The bus route once allotted by the school will not be changed before or less than three months.

14. Transport once provided cannot be discontinued during the academic session. In case of discontinuation of the transport facility, no transport woould be provided during the next session.

15. In case of a change in address, transportation would be provided only on the availability of the seats which would be effective within ten days and also transport charges will be charged from next quarter.

16. The application for change in the residential address should be submitted one month in advance to the Transport-in-charge. Subsequently, transport will be provided subject to availability of seat in the bus in that particular area in which the school bus is plying. An application after change of residence for adjustment in school transport will not be entertained immediately. It will not be done on availability of seats.

17. Every stop will have a Parent-in-Charge responsible for giving the feedback to the Teacher-in-Charge of the bus.

18. For every students and staff Pick up & Drop Point will remain same.