Supreme Council

Spread across a spectacular 10 acre land, DPS, East Ahmedabad has a singular dream – a dream to create a child-centric, holistic and innovative learning environment.  We believe that children of today are global citizens of tomorrow.  With this motto in mind, we are set out to build a matchless learning institution by incorporating the ideals and principles we have amassed after investing more than a decade in the education sector.

The school is a proud member of the Delhi Public School Society, which is a non-profit, non-proprietary educational body widely recognized for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence.  In 1948, the foundation stone for the very first Delhi Public School was laid.  Since then, the School has built upon its existing standards of imparting excellent education. Impeccable track record, sustained presence on national and international maps, excellent faculty members, and more than 130 schools under the tutelage of the DPS Society further emphasize our successful performance over the years.

Affiliated with the Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE), our co-educational English medium school operates from the campus in East Ahmedabad, also easily accessible from Nadiad, Kheda, and Mehemdabad among other cities in Gujarat.

School Student Council

The school student council comprises of a head boy, a head girl, Sports captain, house captains, vice captains and prefixes who are elected by student’s voting. The team looks after the discipline and decorum of the school.

Head Girl


Ayushi Rai

School is a temple of learning. We as students tread the path of wisdom and knowledge and achieve our goals. Though every year has brought me closer to my school, but this year holds a special place in my life. I have been selected to represent my school in the capacity of school head girl. I am grateful to our Principal Sir who found me capable enough to hold this post of prestige. Sir has always been an inspiration for the students giving us an ocean of opportunities to showcase our talents and channelize our energies. He is the captain who steers this ship with complete dedication. We the crew, have nothing to worry in the safe tender and gentle embrace of him. I take this opportunity to thank all my teachers who have always guided our path and I assure every member of this institute that no compromise will be made in maintaining the pride of DPSEast.  I am committed to my school and will execute all my duties to the fullest. Teachers’ guidance and motivation will always help us to keep up the discipline of the school. To my fellow students I would like to say that this school is the best place you’ll ever be in. This school gives us opportunities to find our true selves and to nurture our talents by displaying them. Value your school days, friends, you will never get them back! I’m proud to be a part of the DPS family. This school has given me memories that i will always cherish. The only promise I need from all my students, is to share everything and speak their heart out!

Krutarth Shah

“It is always hard work that gives you results; talent and interest are just stairs that take you towards the start of your journey of success.”

School is not a building or a place to visit for a few hours for fun and enjoyment; instead it’s a factory where perfection is created with great zeal and zest.

Delhi Public School East Ahmedabad is surely playing a very active and positive role in it. It’s been a great pleasure for me to study here and be a part of it.

Discipline, Sincerity and Kindness are the pillars on which my ideals are based. And as the head boy I will do my best to show it and inspire others with it.

It is said: “Great leaders set example in front of others and inspire them.”

As students it is necessary for you to share your ideas and views so that we can do better in future, keeping in mind that discipline is a must in life as it develops our character..

As the head boy of DPSEast.and a member of the supreme council, I would like to say that we are not here to boss over you but to be your friend and solve your problems. All of us are building blocks of this institution and it is our duty to create a fresh, friendly and disciplined atmosphere. We are here to prove ourselves and to show the world our talents and abilities, so don’t be shy of it.

Special thanks to the management and teachers for cooperating with us and showing us the light to the pathway.

And at last, I express my gratitude towards the enlightening and enabling visions of our school heads, our Principal Mr.Hitesh Puri , the untiring teachers, the kind staff and the student aspirants who put trust in my ability to lead and produce results.

I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned to make our school reach unscaled heights by trying to keep the child intact within us all.

Head Boy