Principal’s Message

“The real essence of Education lies in moulding our children to be confident and strong citizens!”

When our goals are so high and the vision so strong it becomes our duty to deliver nothing but the best without compromising with the quality and the standards. Here my efforts as a head of the institution becomes more gruelling and we at East strive towards the excellence with a single motto of shaping glocal learners. Today I would like to share with you my feelings and share my experience about the requirement of child’s development so as to enable him/her stand out amongst the rest. Learning is a two way process. Here parents too play an important and an equal role in educating the child. In modern times the term Education is not limited into mere bookish knowledge and getting grades; it engulfs a vast area with important factors as developing self-confidence, making your child socially secure, make him/her emotionally strong, problem solving etc. For the same we can use following keys:

Be a patient listener. Help your child come to you for any of his/her turbulences. Make them understand that there is a solution to every problem and they will have to face different situations which might be sometimes unfavourable but they will have to overcome all the hurdles with a winning stroke of confidence.

The education can benefit the child only if he is adaptive to various changes as well as experiences in his/her life. Be friend to your child. Let your child discover a friend, philosopher and a guide in you. Making this happen he will consider you to be his strength. Make them realize and know that for every and any problem they have this door always open and welcoming with love.

Every child is different and unique; blessed with immense potential, curiosity and creativity blended with lots of learning attitude. Respect their individuality. Give them exposure to the fullest. Let them discover their own world; make their own choices and face their own challenges. Just be there as a support pillar.

The more you learn and the more you know the well you can experience. Things come up by doing. Provide them with exposure by encouraging him to participate in school activities, go on tours and excursions, attend social gathering etc. Make him an extrovert child. Extrovert children openly express themselves hence they will never harm themselves or others whereas introvert child does not mix with others and hence does not express. He may feel suffocated within and might harm himself.

In the ever changing and fast pace techno world the access to the internet and social media sites has become easy. It is now easily available at the touch of your finger. Many children get affected by the social networking sites and various posts on it. It becomes of great importance to make your child aware about the advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites and apps.

These few steps will surely help our children to emerge as strong individuals and thus with this we ‘The School’ and ‘The Parents’; will be able to educate children in real sense. I hope that we all will surely work on this and will satisfy the real goal of education – The Holistic Development of our Child!

Yali Ho!

With Good Wishes.

Yours Sincerely,

Hitesh Puri

                                                                                              From : Kalorex

Kalorex believes in shaping glocal learners and provide students with an environment suitable for their holistic development through value education and instilling life skills. When we have such a wide dream for our students we choose not the best but best of the best. We are happy to have with us Mr. Hitesh Puri as the Principal of Delhi Public School East Ahmedabad. An educator with a difference.  He has Difference in views, difference in vision and difference in aspirations and all for the development of children. With an extensive experience of more than two decades, he has contributed a lot in the field of education and research. The research topics studied comprehensively by him include

·Students lacking interest in homework

·Empowering Teachers with technology

·Managing Adolescence

Mr. Hitesh Puri possesses an extensive study in the field of Guidance and Counseling with a certificate course in the same. With Masters/Majors in Public Administration, Political Science and Education Mr. Puri has a keen interest in community working. The community called educators and students. Pursuing his Ph. D in Education Mr. Puri aspires to smoothen the education system and develop the personality of the children to make them confident enough to face the world.

He has benefited the students, teachers and parents at an international arena with seminars organized at United States of America and United Kingdom, Sultanat of Oman, Tanzania (Africa) and UAE. Serving for over a decade at Army School as a teacher, he imparted his valuable learning to students at large. He has also been the founder principal of one of the schools in Podar Education Network and K.N. Modi foundation.

Such an experienced resource person, educator and a visionary is pride for any organization. Mr. Hitesh Puri is presently working with Delhi Public School East Ahmedabad since 7 years which works under the edges of D.P.S.Society, New Delhi and is managed by Calorx Education and Research Foundation.

Mr. Puri believes that ‘As leaders you are paid to be uncomfortable, if we are comfortable, it’s a sure sign that you are doing things wrong’. And with this inspirational thought he caters the need of his students and marches ahead as a motivating leader.