Bharat Scouts and Guides

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Ms. Ranjeeta Shahi

It is the prime duty of every citizen to serve its nation in one way or other. And I really feel blessed that at DPS East, under the guidance of our honourable Principal sir, I got chance to start the SCOUTS and GUIDES. Scouting and Guiding builds a strong character, improves skills, makes the student aware of his / her potentiality through different activities such as camping, trekking, skits etc. It teaches the student to use their skills and potentials for the service of community which in turn is the Service to God. Jai Hind.

Guiding helps to improve skills like observation, problem solving, leadership in a student. Being a Guide Trainer I firmly believe that Guide training will not only make a student well disciplined but also teaches how to make effective use of her potentials to serve the community.

Scouting develops a student’s character to become healthy and efficient. It improves skills to make them self reliant. I believe Service to our Motherland is Service to God and its the foremost duty of every Scouter.